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I mean, it wasn't outstanding but it was very good. The damage what war can do to a person is well done in the film and there is no glory in war which is demonstrated in the film. Soldiers thanked him for saying their lives ,but Chris wasn't comfortable with adoration in the least. He had to protect his fellow solders from getting murdered no matter the cost and it bothered him to an extent. Chris Kyle had a strong case of Posttraumatic stress disorder ,but he was slowly making some progress in his life getting into a normal frame of mind and then the guy is murdered.

The things the soldiers have to look out for to stay alive is very riveting.

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Whatever Bradly Cooper is in his personal life meh! He is a great actor. However, in his real life he comes off gay and has a gay look. We know it's Bradley. Set that aside for a moment. Now, just as an exercise, taking Bradley out of this discussion, let's sit here and think about who else it could be.

Let's pretend for a minute that there is no Bradley Cooper and look at other candidates. It could be pretty interesting. I agree the reference to "hngover" was a huge clue. And, obviously, I don't mean this blind specifically. His gayness has been known his whole career. No, he's not taking care of his mother. She is not that elderly. That was like 4 years ago. Bradley says he does not live in a big home, and in fact, his mom sleeps right NEXT door to his room. R78, so what?

The guy lives with his mother, that is his life. He is living his life for himself not for you, me, nor anyone else. My father told me you have to live your life for you because your life belongs to you and only you. You'll lose yourself over people telling you how they want you to live. If you don't go along like a good robot then you are labeled an outcast, a freak, weird, etc. And frankly I don't think the guy gives a rat's ass what others think based on doing an interview on the subject. The fact that he lives his life how he wants to live it pisses many, not all, people off.

And many people get scarred of others living a life that doesn't fit with societies regimented list to follow or their perception how life should be lived.

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And clearly married. There are some pictures online, but I will not link because they are through Facebook Yes indeed, we too use "cookies. I know we do!

Apostle David Taylor Exposed By "Secret Girlfriend" Gospel Singer Vicki Yohe AND His Ex-Wife!

You can thank the EU parliament for making everyone in the world click on these pointless things while changing absolutely nothing. Otherwise, you'll just have to find some other site for your pointless bitchery needs. Juicy Blind item: Love hangover! His latest cause is fighting to get his female co-stars equal pay. It says celebrity.

Juicy Blind item : The Hunk And The Male Assistant

Not actor. Some talk show doofus? Look at the hangover clue. It's obvious. What's the point in being such a good, hard working beard when the other party is so sloppy?

Someone find photos of the assistant! Read again. It's Cooper. This is outrageous! The word straight should have been in quote. It's Alan Alda. I'm obtuse. How does "hangover" function as a clue? R Cooper was in a little movie called "The Hangover. Here's David Taylor presenting his hole. That photo R22 posted: R26 yuck?

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I think he's pretty hot, with a nice fat dick. This is not even blind--too obvious. And that makes me believe it less. Hotel room in LA? He has a house and the assistant surely has an apartment. Cooper is sober and committed to it. R30 Okay, wannabe publicist.

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  • I don't think its Cooper. BI said "straight" celebrity. Has anyone mentioned Bradley Cooper? What other male celebrity is talking about the Hollywood pay gap?

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    Not that I don't believe it could be true. I just don't ever believe this site. I thought Bradley is only into older guys. R36 Like Page Six, sometimes people actually leak things to them. They're not CDAN. Ben Affleck! R40 Oh, okay.